Eunsil Kim – Ceramic Artist

Eunsil Kim using the potters wheelLike many other artists, my work reflects my own life and experience as well as the stories I have heard. The tale of my art begins as I center the clay. At first, I just concentrate on the clay, but at some point I become the clay and the clay becomes me. This is not a daydream, just my mind and body responding differently.eunsil's wedding party My body stills responds to the clay, but my mind responds to my intellect, emotions, and instinct. I do not remember the beginning, but the responses of my mind always affect my artwork. Even as a young artist, my life is rich with romance. The people I meet and my experiences are all worthy stories to be told. Every piece of artwork that I make has a story behind it. The stories might be my dreams, fantasies, life experiences, or real current issues. Just like other artists, I love creating art, but I especially love my finished pieces because they contain my life narrative. If you ask me, I would love to share some of these stories with you.